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CRT & QHHT, Animal Communicator

Melissa channels your angels to provide support and relief during week 3 of Healing the Emotional Ties package. The messages and clearing she provides for you support you as you are digging deep into buried trauma. She also provides a group clearing for blocks to your channeling conduit and raises your vibration during week 2 of my course to Connect with Your Guides-Open Your Light Conduit.

Melissa is also a hypnotherapist, channel, animal communicator and healer, counselor, dream interpreter and certified in CRT & QHHT. She provided my departed Sadie and I much comfort before and after her passing. You will love Melissa.



Birth Wound Gift Retrieval, Channel, Dream Interpreter

Kimbra has the unique gift of being able to travel into a parallel dimension to undo your disconnection with your gift. Many have disconnected with their ability to channel, use their hands on healing gift, feel comfortable as a spiritual leader, etc. This disconnection is often associated with a deep birth wound, and this shows up in dreams and when Kimbra channels your higher self.

She will channel with the intention of finding any potential blocks to your newly discovered gifts (from Janise's Birth Wound Transformation Journey). The intention is to discover any next steps you can take to further develop your gift, or if there is a block that needs to be removed, to attempt to remove the block.

Clarise Thomas

Web Master & Social Media Manager

Clarise is the creative master behind making this website work and managing social media. Because of her, we can make our services readily available to you. She’s a gifted writer and a technology wiz. She’s learning how to perform Spiritual Hygiene services as slaying demons is one of her life missions.


Contact Clarise for a consultation for creating your website and social media campaigns.


Vera Balashevich

Master Sound & Frequency Artist

Known by her pseudonym, "AtomicCat", Vera is the sound behind the Shamanic Healing Journey and Birth Wound Transformation Journey meditations . She uses a masterful combination of frequencies that literally move you all the way through to your molecules. 

Vera loves creating unique mixes for spiritually-minded folks, and you can access her public collections on AudioJungle, or hire her for freelance. You can listen to the short shamanic journey sample meditation I created using her elegant sound mix below.

Shamanic Journey SampleVera & Janise
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Penny Lynn

Crystal/Gem Channel - Healer

Penny has a deep and ancient connection with crystals and gems, and channels individual crystals for each participant in the Birth Wound Transformation Journey.

Penny also communicates with Angels, and specializes in healing generational pain in horses. She uses a Herkimer as her channel stone, which assists in bringing healing energy forward. Penny's channeled messages are exactly what you need to hear.

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Shamanic Usui Reiki Master & Crystal/Gem Expert

Andrea lovingly curates each unique crystal for your Birth Wound Transformation Journey and Shamanic Healing Journeys. She clears and charges each crystal with love and healing energy and mails your new crystal "friends" directly to you. 

Andrea is certified in Shamanic Usui I and Reiki Level II, and is currently working through the 3rd/Master Level. Andrea is my true soul sister, and full of compassion and starlight. If you need a crystal or gem for any reason, let Andrea know below!

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