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Connect with Your Guides - Opening Your Light Conduit

7-week course to access your personal light conduit with your guides, clear your blocks, gain confidence in sharing your gifts and channeled messages.

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7-week course to access your personal light conduit with your guides, clear your blocks, gain confidence in sharing your gifts and channeled messages, and find out through having your dreams or visions interpreted what spiritual technology you bring to the table, and what you're meant to be doing with it. Next class starts soon.

Sessions are 90 minutes by Zoom and will be recorded for anyone who misses. One session you schedule with me at any time in between or up to 3 months after. In your personal session (Week “7”), you can choose a service that you want to try (Akashic records, clearing, dream interpretation, etc).

Next Class Coming Soon!

Stay Tuned


Week 1

We'll talk about how to connect and communicate with your guides and healing agents using your own light conduit and spiritual technology, keeping your connection sovereign from unwanted influences, how karmic and relationship ties can be healed and dissolved, and galactic lineages. Your personal spiritual technology shows up in everyday life; it is so much more than being psychic. We'll explore how your light conduit can be opened more fully and what you're meant to do with it. We'll go over how honoring the messages in your dreams can keep you flying.


Week 2

I'll present strategies to help you better trust your own spiritual technology. We'll practice opening and closing your light conduit so you can keep high energy around you. And I'll bring in the support of your galactic partners that will have you accessing messages from your light conduit with ease. You are BIG, and the world needs to know it! No more holding back!

Week 3

Gifted Angelic Healer and Channel, Melissa Brunoehler, will provide a channeled group healing message that helps clear blocks to your channeling conduit and raises your vibration. Ask her as many questions as you want. Raising and keeping your vibration high is important for your connection with spirit. We'll do more practice with me holding the space and brining in your galactic partners for support.


Week 4

Akashic Records time! We'll use our light conduit to access our own Akashic Records as we continue to practice energetic sovereignty with our connection with our guides.


Week 5 & 6

More partner exercises to access your light conduit. We'll talk about what other modalities you can use your light conduit for, and how you might use it to advance your own spiritual technology; such as, how to use your pendulum for much more than “yes” or “no.” You can clear non-beneficial energies from your space; you can clear entities and all kinds of undesirables. We'll program our pendulum and learn how to use creative language for just about any desired outcome that is in the light. You are not alone; your conduit is full of light and waiting to be of assistance.


Week “7” (You schedule individually with me at any time, preferably during the week between sessions so you maximize the benefit of understanding your own needs and spiritual technology). You can choose from the menu of services I offer (Akashic Records reading, dream interpretation, clearing, channel session, remote viewing, etc)


Still have questions? E-mail me: and can set up a time to talk.

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