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Spiritual Hygiene Clearing

Regular spiritual hygiene and clearing allows you to stay sovereign from unwanted influences and clears your channel with your guides. I check your energy field for non-beneficial energies, attachments, interferences, curses and clear any influences.

Non-beneficial energetic entities and influences such as curses can affect us deeply-if you feel off, blocked, attacked--these can be effects from non-beneficial energies. Using shamanic practices derived from the teachings of Raymon Grace and Eugene Maurey, I tune into your guides and check your energy field and area of influence for non-beneficial energies, attachments, interferences, curses, etc. With your permission, I clear any negative influences. While doing so, I receive channeled messages from guides and guardian angels, which provide you with insight that is most important for you to know at that time.

For your appointment, we can talk by phone, Zoom or WhatsApp briefly prior to the clearing to get a better idea of what might be needed; however, it's not necessary nor required. Then I will check and clear you, your home, workplace as needed. You do not need to be on the phone while I do this, but you may if you like. You may always contact me before clearings with special requests. I will always let you know after the clearing what I found, what was cleared, and any messages from your guides. Usually you want to give the clearing a handful of days to fully integrate.


Typically, I find the following need to be investigated and cleared, but as I said, we will talk to make sure to target your needs. 

  1. Energy Level

  2. Entities

  3. Demons

  4. Curses, Hexes & Spells

  5. Poltergeists

  6. Non-beneficial Psychic Cord Attachments

  7. Non-beneficial Frequencies

  8. Non-beneficial Implants

  9. Desire to Live

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