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Dream Coaching/ Dharmic 6-Pack

The 6-pack that elevates your spiritual walk!

Registration with this package is by invitation only. The expectation is that those who are coached by me in this way have already put in a great deal of trauma healing work and have demonstrated willingness to put in more work and to receive the messages in these sessions. If you think you are ready for this level of coaching, let me know and we'll make the decision together.


In this package, you will enjoy:

  • 6 coaching sessions, by Zoom (or phone if you prefer) for the great price of $50/session. I reserve this special pricing for those who will put in most of the work on their own.

  • Spiritual hygiene clearing of non-beneficial energies and entities

  • Insight and solutions (based on your dreams and channeled messages) about your life path, spiritual path, health, healing needs, trauma release, career, relationships and more.

  • I interpret several dreams and/or channel for you regarding your questions. If you don't remember your dreams, I suggest an add-on service with a partner in healing, Molly Grove, whose techniques work in tandem with mine to pull out what would normally be shown in your dreams, and then I will interpret those messages to assist you on your path. Talk to Molly by clicking here.

  • I accommodate special requests while channeling (asking guides or angels your specific questions).

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