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Akashic Records

If you’re struggling with a decision, need insight or direction to help you move forward in career, relationships, or creative processes, your Akashic Records provide enlightened guidance and are always there as a tool to assist you.

I am a trance channel, and channel guidance for you through your Akashic Records, which contain information about all that ever is or ever will be about your soul. You can ask as many questions as you want during our session; my answers are not filtered through my lens as I remain in trance for the duration of your reading.


Past lives, present and future lives are all relevant places that we may visit and draw guidance from in your reading. Your galactic lineage often comes through, which helps reveal to you some of the reasons why your soul longs for something that is otherwise inexplicable to you. 

Feel free to come with a handful of topics and questions that you need assistance with, so we can ensure to inquire your records about those. Do your best to not have consumed alcohol for 12 hours prior as it lowers your vibration or can cloud information. Congratulations on taking this step for your soul development, and thank you for having me along for this journey.


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