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Healing the Emotional Ties

You will see your relationship with your traumas and inner self literally change before your eyes, letting go of triggers or hurt from the past, allowing you to release what anchors the trauma in the present and resulting in emotional and spiritual growth.

You will never be the same after Healing the Emotional Ties. If this healing is appropriate for you, we will begin your healing journey with a regression, and meet weekly to talk through what your dreams are revealing about your healing progress, what's holding you back, how inner turmoil is manifesting and how it transforms week by week. You also receive a channeled healing by Melissa Brunoehler, who channels angelic energy directly to you. This healing will take the edge off of the trauma that will be surfacing during this process. 

I will provide you with a short visualization meditation to be done daily. With this, coupled with dream interpretation (dream recall is beneficial but not necessary), angelic healing & regression, Healing Emotional Ties can unlock suppressed memories and feelings, to reconnect you with the gifts that make you unique and beautiful and put you in touch with the trauma you are healing. This might include your birth and other incidents from childhood or past/parallel lives. Even if you do not believe you can remember your birth or early childhood, the events revealed in dreams or conversations show those deep feelings which were instrumental in shaping your approach to life.

Healing Emotional Ties is based on a short meditation and symbols of the subconscious to heal your inner child. It was introduced by Phyllis Krystal who has written several books on the subject. Our early experiences of life are linked to our parents. They may have done their best for us, but being human, could not help but pass on their hang-ups, weaknesses and faults to us. At birth we needed unconditional love and bonding with mother and acceptance and support from father. Failure on their part to provide these qualities can leave us emotionally disadvantaged and less able to cope with life. If they were repressed or inhibited we, by using them as role models, may have copied their negative traits. Healing the Ties enables you to identify the way you were affected by your parents and empowers you to free yourself and find your own identity.

Moreover, physical problems arising from these mental and emotional backgrounds can also be cured or prevented by this technique. Healing the Emotional Ties with your father increases self confidence and assertiveness and helps your career. For women it changes and improves all personal relationships with men. The tecnique, when applied to your mother, has a profound effect on how you react to life itself. You can develop a more positive and happy philosophy of life by separating yourself from the negative aspects of her personality. This would be especially relevant if she was distressed or emotionally out of harmony at your birth as you formulated your self image and view of life under these conditions. For men, Healing the Ties with Mother has a healing effect on personal relationships with women.

Booking Instructions

This program includes 8 sessions. Each session is 45 minutes. You can schedule as many or as few of your sessions at the time of booking. Any remaining unscheduled sessions can be scheduled in the future. If you need to pay as you go, you may choose offline payment when booking, and then I'll contact you to set up a payment plan.

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