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Using Your Pendulum to Clear

2-weekend course to learn how to use your pendulum to clear non-beneficial energies, entities, frequencies, etc. from a distance. Use your pendulum with confidence and integrity for much more than yes/no's.

Dowsing Pendulum over Tarot

Coming June 30 & July 7 2024 at 10 AM Pacific/1 PM Eastern.

Classes are 90 minutes by Zoom and will be recorded for anyone who misses.

Your personal spiritual technology shows up in everyday life; it is so much more than being psychic. We'll explore how your light conduit can be opened more fully by using your creativity with your pendulum to clear non-beneficial energies from your space. No need to limit yourself to "yes" or "no" only questions.

Everyone will receive a group clearing of the most pervasive non-beneficials, and we always have time for special requests. I will teach how you can clear entities and all kinds of undesirables and stack the deck in your favor before interviews, social gatherings, new experiences, etc. 


Expect a fun, supportive environment, and look forward to multiple small group practice sessions where you can get more comfortable performing clearings. We will program our pendulums together to help increase your consistency.


Learn more about the type of clearings we will talk about on my Spiritual Hygiene Clearing page.


Coming Soon!

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